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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Handsigned cds or posters and how to get them.

How to get started in collecting autographed cds of your favorite singers or bands? I'm going start sharing with you some tips!

1. Physical appearance

Once in a while Stars, yup, singers and bands of our liking, not the blings in the night sky. They turn up for some event or endorsement of luxury products. Media and advertising will flash you ahead usually by around 1 month or before, that's when you schedule your battle plan. Find out which day they will arrive, the location which they will be at, which hotel they are staying in, where their transport will alight and pick them up, which airport terminal they will come in and leave. Then of course, stalk them, haha. This method requires days of effort and strategizing. If done wrongly it may cost you much more than you can expect.. Taxi fares, lack of proper food, mental, physical stress, extreme boredom, little sleep and handphone battery shortages for those who stay overnight just to make sure they get to meet their favorites, yes and get your cd/poster signed that is if there are no bodyguards and the other fans who will block you .

2. Cd store autograph session

In the old days the singer or band will appear quite often at Tower records (physical store has closed permanently) now we only have Popular (book store) and HMV where they will promote and sign copies of their new cd, i remember the days when you purchase that cd to collect a number tag and go in line to get your cd or poster that comes with it signed. This is the cheapest and best way to get your signed memorabilia. Unfortunately in Singapore due to all time low cd sales, the stars aren't coming down for cd store signing much anymore. Buck up Singaporean fans!

3. Concert cds sales

In certain concerts, there are booths set up that sell official merchandise and cds from the singer, sometimes if you are lucky they include a limited number of autographed cds at the original price. Problem is, the concert ticket has already set you back hundreds so apparently its the most expensive method to obtain a signed cd and does not guarantee success.

If you thinking of going backstage for an autograph, forget it cause their bodyguards would prevent you from going near them and even if you wait outside the stadium where they come out of, the bodyguards will shoo you off. As for the not too famous or friendly stars without the usual protection of beefy men in black, even if they pass by you, they may not even stop and sign anything for you because they would be many other like minded fans like you pushing and shoving just to get close to the stars.

4. Physical shops and online stores

Few shops carry autographed items nowadays and most people buy them online. Problem is with the autenticity of the memorabilia. Is it real or replicated? Usually online you can get many cheaper autographed products but a very vast majority have proven to be fakes. Maybe shopping around, taking photos of the physical signatures, comparing and verifying the signature before purchasing would be wiser. At best, purchase from a reputable dealer or with a certificate of autenticity from a certified signature expert. This will usually costs more expensive but paying higher for a real product is better than keeping a fake at home.